President Peter Bernardi

Presidents Report

With the sun slowly sinking to the west and daylight saving now finished we say goodbye to the great evening’s flying, we have had to start hibernation. Give a thought to polishing up your ratings – a quick call to flight ops will help with revision or advice, it would be  a good time to make sure all your charts and maps are current, just the thing to do during winter nights. Are you night rated? Are you current? Why not check with your instructors, come on in make them a cup of coffee and have a friendly chat .

With the Airport precinct plan well underway I hope that you dropped in to the information centre and had your say, your airfield is an important part of your flying and you should help to protect it, don’t leave it to others!.

The first of the new hangars on club land is finished and also houses the SIM room. The new flight Simulator is on its way so watch this space, air conditioned and hot and cold running, it will be a big asset for the club.

There are several more hangars to be constructed so keep an eye out if you wish to secure a spot.

The social committee have been busy with fly-aways and club functions so please get the aircraft out of the hanger and join in. Good company and destinations, that’s what you have an aircraft for or hire one! Now there’s a good idea – share costs, take along a buddy even someone that’s not a pilot, might just be the catalyst to start a flying career, the more the merrier.


As always, safe flying

Regards Peter Bernardi

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