Presidents Report

Dear Members,

What a busy and fun month we have had with FunFight and the Toy Run. Both events were a great success, despite the rain on day of the Toy Run. These two events extend a lot of goodwill to the community and we should all feel very pleased that we are fortunate enough to be able to share our airport and our passion with others and make their lives a little better. I need to recognize Martin Cartlidge for his coordination of FunFlight and his band of helpers and the pilots. I also need to thank everyone who helped out on the Toy Run as well as the aircraft owners who pushed out their toys for everyone to see, and also Luke Bramston for donating the sausages and bread to feed the masses.

During the month HMAS Cerberus gave us a helping hand with some of the gardening jobs around the airport. The 30 sailors made a significant contribution to cleaning up the area around the carpark as well as some of the overgrowth on the fence line along the main taxiway. They also did a fantastic job in doing a FOD march down the runway and taxiways where they found enough material to build a small aircraft.

The TAPP (Tyabb Airport Precinct Plan) recommendations are out in which we are principally supportive, albeit there is still a lot of detail missing that we need to see and understand to make us completely comfortable.
The TAPP proposal must be signed off by the Shire and Councilors to start the implementation, which may require some further adjustments to finalize the Plan.
The recommendations are looking for PAC to produce an Airport Master Plan, a Noise Plan and participate in a CRG (Community Reference Group). We are hopeful the CRG will provide us with an opportunity to better engage the wider community through broad representation of different groups thereby giving us a balanced exchange with the community.

Our new Helipad and Fuel facility has enjoyed its first full month of operation and it has proven to be a wonderful success for the emergency services. The Police have used it many times over the past month to fuel up to undertake local missions. It has allowed Police to save a man holding onto his upturned kayak, capture a wanted person as well as undertake some important security work. Despite the continuous din and objections by the anti-airport lobby group, I think it has already proven its worth in making our Peninsula safer and more secure.

At our last Committee meeting we spent some time talking about how we better engage our newer members. I am keen to ensure we make them feel welcome and encourage them to look beyond just learning to fly. We want them to become part of the Club and increase their participation. When you meet a new member take the time to talk with them and invite them to explore the social activities such as our fly always, meals, functions and competitions.

Lastly, I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and hope to see you at PAC sometime over the holidays.


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