CFI Report 2018

Happy New year to everyone. There has been a lot of changes in the aviation sector, nonetheless, one practice will remain the same:

Pilot Checklist and Vulnerabilities

When students learn to fly, they are quickly exposed to vast amount of technical and operational information, as well as learning and developing their flying skills. From day 1, pilots learn to utilise mnemonics to remember checks and procedures. These techniques remain with them throughout their careers. While one would not expect a conscientious pilot to forget a flight-critical functions, the hard fact is that even experienced pilots also sometimes forget. Even automatic execution of a practised task requires  some degree of monitoring to make sure no step is missed out and that it is performed in the correct sequence. Interruptions, for whatever reason, increase vulnerability to forgetting to finish the checks or to skip a step because of disruption in the normal thought process. Also a change in flying pattern like a straight-in approach instead of executing a circuit pattern can result in missing out some vital actions.

Techniques for reducing vulnerability to memory lapses:

• Adhere to the checklist at all times. Checklist are a crucial defense against memory lapses.

• Whenever you are interrupted, make sure that you go over the complete checklist again for the specific task

• Execute even the procedural tasks in deliberate and systematic manner. Above all, avoid rushing, regardless of time pressure. Rushing at best saves a few seconds but increases our
vulnerability to errors.

• Multitasking can result in performing a procedural step out of sequence instead of an habitual one; treat the situation with caution

While the checklist in any form must be utilised effectively, IMMEDIATE ACTIONS in an emergency situation should definitely be MEMORISED. After a while the immediate Actions become ingrained (through proper training) and in an actual emergency they will come to us naturally. That way you will still have enough control of the situation to pull out the checklist if time permits.


Head of Operations
Sundeep Rao



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