Presidents Report

Dear members,

Last week I attended a Ward Council meeting to hear any issues on the minds of the community. Mostly it was all good, although some of the old chestnuts have raised their heads again about fears that our airport Is about to become an international jetport.
Of course we members all know this is a nonsense, as the area required to support runways, terminal buildings and car parks would engulf all of Tyabb and most of Hastings making the whole proposition a physical impossibility.
The second issue, which is one of those “not in my backyard” complaints, is that a couple of Tyabb residents are complaining about the Police Airwing and Air Ambulance using the airport. It’s hard to believe that there are some in the community that have become so fixated on their own anti-airport agendas they are prepared to deny emergency services access to the Airport when they are saving lives or protecting us from harm.
On a good note it was pleasing to hear how successful both the Tyabb Airshow and the Somerville Family day had been for the community and the amount of positive feedback we have received from the residents and the Shire. We are planning to organise a June Open Day for the airport which will be integrated with a beneficiary cheque handover, where we will provide a free BBQ sausage sizzle for all that attend. Watch out for details in the Tyabb Flyer soon.

Over next few months I want to get the Club to focus on safety and learning, we will be kicking off with an Ozrunways presentation (21 April) on how better to access and use our electronic flight information. I have asked our CFI to plan a couple of safety nights to develop our skills and awareness. I ask you all to attend and use these opportunities to make you and others safer as we enjoy our flying pursuits.

I have to acknowledge that Borg Sorenson’s Wirraway will be sadly leaving Tyabb to take up residence at the air museum in Nhill in Western Victoria. This has been one of the icon warbirds at Tyabb and several of us intend to escort her on her way to Nhill (at least as much as my Auster can keep up). All are welcome to join in and fly to Nhill and visit the museum. See the Tyabb Flyer for full details.

Lastly, I had great pleasure is seeing my 16 yo granddaughter, Taya, achieve her solo just recently. Whilst it’s wonderful and personally pleasing to see her take command of an aircraft, it’s also good to know she has been well trained by our flight ops staff to not only get her to this level of competence but to do it encouragingly and safely. We have a fantastic team in flight ops, with more flying hours of experience than most small airlines services have. I encourage you to make full use of the experience we have on tap and never be shy to approach them for advice or any skills development you need.

Kind regards

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