To be employed as a professional pilot for remuneration you must hold a Commercial Pilots Licence.

Minimum Requirements for CPL

The Peninsula Aero Club Provides training for the CPL 200 hour course.

Dual Instruction Time 200 hours
Solo Time 100 hours

It is difficult to provide a quotation for the Commercial Pilots Licence as the price for this varies depending on which way you choose to do your training.

Individual quotations will be provided on request taking into account previous experience and selection of aircraft. Also some endorsements may be included in this course.

  • Theory Requirements

    You must pass a Commercial Pilots Licence theory examination comprising;

    • Navigation
    • Meteorology
    • Flight Rules & Air Law
    • Aircraft General Knowledge
    • Human Factors
    • Aeroplane Operation, Performance and Flight Planning
  • Age Requirment

    Minimum Age Requirement – 18 years of age.

    Example career paths

    • Airline Pilot
    • Charter Pilot
    • Flight Instructor
    • Agriculture Pilot
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