CFI Report March 2019

Hi all. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome I’ve received on my return to PAC in my new role as Head of Operations and Chief Pilot. One of the really nice things upon returning has been some long-term members, who I may not have met, approaching me and introducing themselves. It’s good to put a name to the faces. It’s also been a pleasure catching up with others I haven’t seen in a while.
As a way of introduction, I’ve spent the last few years at home looking after the kids. I’m not entirely sure how transferable those skills are into running a flying school but we’ll soon find out!
In all seriousness though it is great to be back. I’d like to thank Sundeep Rao for the smooth handover, but more importantly the enormous amount of work and effort he put in to get the school flying again. All the best at MFS Sundeep. I’d also like to thank Sandy Robinson. I came to PAC in 1999 to start my instructor rating. I had a CPL, a MECIR and no idea! Through the course of this rating it was Sandy who truly taught me how to fly. I then had the good fortune to work for Sandy as a junior grade three through to a grade one instructor. The lessons passed to me through that period of time have proved invaluable. Thank you, Sandy.
It’s important too, that I acknowledge and thank the committee for entrusting me with this role again. As an instructor working my way through, the committee allowed me to run up my account to attain ratings and endorsements and then subsequently work the debt off. Without that generosity I may not be in the position I am today.
PAC is a special place for many people for a diverse range of reasons. Let’s all do our best to look after it together. Safe flying.

Peter Phillips

Head Of Operations


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