Presidents Report

Australian STOL Competition

Wow… wasn’t the Australian STOL Competition a great success. We had thousands of people turn up from everywhere around the country. The Tyabbians turned up in their droves as well as people from all over the Peninsula.

It was great to see the crowds really getting into the competition and applauding the pilots on their performances. Best of all, the whole event was done safely and without a single incident.

The competition itself was great with lots of spectacular flying and interesting side stories. I enjoyed watching father and son battling it out for a podium finish with Russell and Marcel Hendriksen both flying their Husky and the old dog pipping the kid with experience and style.

I need to thank Ray Taylor for all of the groundwork in planning the event, and Tony Manning and his crew of judges and the work they did in recording every take-off and landing in less than a few seconds. Everyone on the Committee did a fantastic job as well as all of the ladies in the Social Committee in providing breakfast, lunch and dinner over 2 days.

Special thanks to Judy Pay for supporting the event with a lunch time break fly-by of her T28 flown by Bernie Heuser and the Mustang flown by  Paul Bennet, as well the spectacular aerobatic display by Paul Bennet in his Wolfe Pitts.

Of course the Tyabb crowd favorites were Darren Barnfield, John Miall and Andrew Crosby taking the locals for free joy flights. Darren flew the pants off Larry (Bell 47) for more than 4 hours and I’m still getting thanks from people in the street. I also need to recognize Dave Prossor and Peter Bernardi for providing 6 hours of non-stop commentary, what a marathon.

Paul Bennet did a professional and outstanding job as usual in his role as Air Boss, keeping everyone safe in the air and maintaining the tempo of the comp to get everyone through.

Lastly thank you to the boys from Foxbat Aircraft and IOR Petroleum for their sponsorship as without that we couldn’t have run the event.

As I said, what a day, what an event and what a great outcome for PAC and the community of Tyabb.


Attached is a link to the latest set of minutes.|d13b95b2-5146-4b00-9e3e-a80c73739a64|4f05f368-ecaa-4a93-b749-7ad6c4867c1f|en-AU

Disappointingly the Tyabb Ratepayers Group have falsely reported in their Newsletter that PAC had voted to discontinue the CRG, which is completely untrue. The Shire has asked the Ratepayers to retract that statement but so far there has been no retraction or apology. Instead they have continued to deliver their newsletter knowing the allegation is false.

We now have the anti-airport lobby faction within the Tyabb Ratepayers Group knowingly publishing untrue information about the CRG in what appears to be an attempt to derail the CRG and cause more anxiety in town.

I must say I am disappointed with the behaviour of some of the Ratepayers group of late with some unseemly events with members of the group.

The President of the group has failed to respond to PAC’s letter of complaint about one very disturbing incident. The matter has now been handed to Police to investigate and potentially lay charges.

Quite frankly these people are doing themselves a disservice and I think the community are becoming tired of their antics and poor behaviours to damage the airport, PAC’s reputation, and undermine the CRG.

New Hangar Developments

It has been a long time coming but we are just about ready to start building new Club hangars. The Plan is to build 2 new hangars opposite what is called “Blackies hangar” and then another 2 to the west of the first lot. We are working out the financing of this project and will have a solution agreed through the Committee very soon. This will provide the Club with a new income stream and provide hangars to meet the backlog of demand for undercover parking of aircraft.


On behalf of the Committee and myself I wish all a happy and safe Easter. Whatever your plans are over the break, I do hope you get to spend it with family and friends and all take time to count our blessing and consider how fortunate and privileged we are to live where we live.

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