Presidents Report

Dear PAC Members and Tyabb Community,

Regrettably after many weeks of trying to come to a workable solution with the Council to run the 2020 Airshow we have not been able to agree on a pathway forward.

Although the Shire offered a new permit process we ultimately found that it has proven unworkable and we are unable to run the airshow safely and effectively. While we would have been willing to continue discussions, unfortunately we have simply run out of the lead-time required to plan and stage the event. It’s a lot of work as you might imagine involving hundreds of people.

We know many of you will be disappointed to hear this news and we feel terribly sorry for all of the charities, and for all the businesses and sponsors who have helped us. Unfortunately we have reached a point of no return and have done all we could to stretch the timeline to give the Shire space to fix the situation to no avail.

Since 1968, we have run airshows which have developed into a high profile international event, which has brought the Tyabb Township together and has become a regional highlight for tens of thousands of people. All of the aircraft, the pilots and owners along with hundreds of volunteers have donated their time and assets to help make the event a success.

The genesis of the Airshow was to provide funding for the Angel of Mercy, which was arguably the world’s first emergency helicopter ambulance service that started at Tyabb. Of course the success of the air ambulance concept has now travelled around the world and has saved countless lives. After the Victorian State Government committed to fund the Angel of Mercy, which became the Victorian Air Ambulance Service, the Airshow evolved to support local projects and charities.

Over the years the Peninsula Aero Club has raised more than a $1m in donations which have been directed to local charities and volunteer organizations such as the CFA, Headspace, Riding for the Disabled, the Bays and Rosebud hospitals, Lions Club and Tyabb Footy and Cricket Clubs to name just a few.

We are incredibly disappointed that Shire’s letters of direction to stop the operation of the airport have caused so much disruption and blocked participation and access to the resources we need to run the event.

We are hopeful that over time we will find a solution to once again work with the Shire to allow the Airshow to go ahead in 2022.

PAC President
Jack Vevers

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