Presidents Report

Last week our HOO/CP Sundeep Rao informed me that he has decided to take on a new role with another organisation to further his career.
Sundeep has done a fantastic job in transitioning the school to meet all of the requirements of Part 141 making PAC one of the first Australian flying schools to meet the new CASA systems.
Sundeep also managed our transition for ME IFR as well as secured new survey contracts, providing opportunities for our younger instructors to obtain experience in ME aircraft.
As they say, as one door closes another opens: Peter Phillips who was our CFI during 2011-14 returned to PAC a few months ago and will again take up the role as HOO/CP. Peter is highly respected and well known to many of us, and is in a great position to build on the work Sundeep has started. If you see either of these gentlemen around the airport be sure to say thanks Sundeep and welcome Peter.

Community Relations
As everyone will know, I sent an open letter to the community to address the misinformation about where the airport is heading, as well as reporting on some of the safety projects we are working on, such as widening the sealed section of the runway. I have to say I was very pleased by the amount of community support we received as well as the thanks for clearing up many of the unfounded claims of new runways, jets and night RPT movements.
We held an open day and BBQ at the airport to thank the community for their support, and to give people an opportunity to speak to the management team and obtain direct answers to any questions or concerns.
Whilst we still have a few people in the community trying to spread visions of doom, I think people are realising that these are just malicious claims and everyone is tired of the nonsense and scaremongering.
We have plenty of “I love Tyabb Airport” stickers for your car’s back window in the PAC office, come in and get one and show your support.
We have another CRG meeting scheduled for the 13th of March. These meetings are, among other things, intended to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, contribute to community understanding of airport operations and allow concerns of interested parties to be considered. Unfortunately the CRG has been allowed to be hijacked by the aforementioned misinformation and scaremongering campaign. We will see if it can be set back on track.
To provide for greater certainty about airport operations, we have been working on our Master Plan, although we are waiting on the Shire’s contractors to complete the noise monitoring. Once we have this data we will be able to finish the noise plan to incorporate into the overall project.

Australian STOL Championships
As many of you will know we have been conducting a STOL competition for more than 40 years, which has been well patronized by members and other invited clubs.
This coming April 14th we will host the first Australian STOL Championships, which is a very exciting opportunity to show off our Club. Already many of our members have told me of their intentions to compete in this STOL competition. We have formed a partnership with Paul Bennet to manage the event jointly with our own very capable Competition Committee.
The event will allow competitors to enhance their safety skills to get their aircraft off the ground in the shortest possible distance and land again with absolute precision in the shortest stopping distance.
The competition webpage link is on the PAC website site. Take a look and enter the Competition.


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