Presidents Report

President’s Report
Toy Run
I have just returned home after spending an uplifting day at the Club with members running the Toy Run. Whilst the weather was not commensurate with the first day of summer, it was nonetheless a bright day full of goodwill and generosity where we collected almost 700 toys for the “Food For All” Christmas hampers for deserving families on the Peninsula.

I was delighted to not only see many of our members participate in the Toy Run but the hundreds of the community attending from Tyabb, Somerville and Hastings bringing toys. We also had a great turn up of cars on display from the Holden Car Club, the British car club as well as a good display of PAC aircraft for everyone to see. I am proud to be a member of PAC.

We are working at a fever pitch to get things ready for the air show. There’s still plenty to do and little time left, so we are throwing everything we have to get all of the arrangements in place on time. We will soon be asking for volunteers to sign up for jobs during the show and will be sending out invitations to sign on. In the meantime may I ask you to help spread the word and share any Face Book posts we make on the air show to help us advertise the event.

We have been working with Paul Bennet again to help us with the air display. Paul and his team are without doubt the most professional and safety aware people to work with. As always, Paul is promising to bring us a world class display and the line-up is looking spectacular. I feel confident we will produce a better air show than the last.

Council issues are still ongoing and the ball is sitting in their court while we wait to see a response to our approaches for a consolidated permit.

We have a VCAT practice day hearing on the 6th December over the Holy Hour, which will then be heard in May 2020 over a two day session.
We also have a VCAT hearing on the 20th of January over the Tractor Shed where the Shire has attempted to include a new unrelated permit condition (Airport Master Plan) on our request for an amendment to an existing permit to build a tractor shed. All of the legal advice we have received is saying the Shire has acted unlawfully and cannot expect to succeed. We are extremely well prepared and resourced to test these issues in VCAT or the Supreme Court if required as we must do all we can to protect our jobs and create an environment for employment growth.

As Christmas approaches and we all start to think about flying around and getting away, I ask that everyone keeps in mind all of your training regarding good airmanship and safety. As you know very few accidents are caused by mechanical failures. Take your time to plan carefully, don’t skip and take anything for granted. If you are unsure ask your instructor for advice as it’s much easier to check something on the ground than in the air.

Lastly I need to say thank you to all of our members and the Committee for the support you have offered me throughout the year. The year has been challenging but at the same time we have achieved a lot of great things together and see 2020 as another year of improvement.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas and 2020 brings you joy and happiness.

President Jack

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