Presidents Report

Dear members,

My favourite time of the year has kicked in with Day Light Savings. Who doesn’t enjoy an early evening flight poking around our Peninsula and sharing this with good friends.
This time of year makes up for all of the wet and windy months of hibernation in the hangar and dreaming of fly-aways and visiting new places.
Whilst it is easy to drift off with thoughts of adventures it’s always important to keep top of mind our responsibilities as pilots to maintain the highest levels of safety and awareness.
If you haven’t done a lot of flying over the winter months consider having a talk with our CFI and Instructors about doing a check flight or even some SIM time to brush up on your skills.
Some people do a new endorsement every year or two, which is an ideal way to extend their skills and sharpen their capability with things like Tail Wheel, Formation Flying, Aerobatics or aircraft features training such as Retractable Undercarriage or Constant Speed Propeller etc. Personally I never failed to learn something new when I’ve had an instructor on-board, these guys often fly more hours in one year than many of us do in a life time of private flying.

We have the AGM coming up on the 18th October and I encourage everyone to come along and hear what your Committee has been doing and learn what is coming up. Many people have also nominated to come onto the Committee this year, which is a fantastic indicator of the Club’s health. There is lots of good news to share and a great night to catch up with fellow club members with some light refreshments at the end.

We also have Wings Night programmed for Saturday 10th November at PAC. This is wonderful night to celebrate the achievements of young and not so young pilots. It’s a great way for members of long standing to meet some of the newer members and help them get to enjoy the Club more fully.
If we all think back, there was always someone in the Club that helped us along and this is a great way to pay things forward for the newer pilots in our ranks.

President Jack

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