Presidents Report

Happy New Year to all Members and Staff. I hope you all had a wonderful and safe Christmas with your family.

I have several pieces of good news to share with you that have occurred over the past month.

I’m pleased to say we have finalised our complete transition to Part 141 with approvals on our Multi Engine IFR. This has been a long and arduous process in meeting CASA’s demands over many months, but thanks to Sundeep we have made it and are now set up to provide members with greater learning opportunities.

Last month Sundeep also received approval as Chief Pilot and now in a position to take up a new airwork contract undertaking photographic survey work around Australia operating using our AOC. This new contract will provide our younger instructors with plenty of twin airtime to help them build hours as they look to the next stage in their careers as well as provide the Club with a new revenue stream.

We have also managed to negotiate a cross hire agreement on a beautifully presented Vulcan Air, providing members a new training opportunity to obtain multi engine endorsement.

Speaking of cross hire aircraft, we are looking to find a suitable replacement after the sale of our Super Decathlon. This was an extremely popular aircraft and has plenty of students very keen to obtain tail wheel and aerobatic endorsements, meaning there is plenty of work for this type of aircraft. If you have or know of anyone that may be interested in cross hiring one of these aircraft please let me or Flight Ops know.

The December Community Reference Group (CRG) meeting was cancelled, as there was little to discuss owing to a lack of progress. The Shire has engaged a contractor to undertake noise assessments around the airport and town, which will be useful in providing us with a series of data points for our noise management plan and we look forward to seeing the results.

Below is a link to the minutes for the last CRG meeting in October, which were published at the end of December. Whilst there is a disclaimer in the minutes regarding a town survey, which was not commissioned or supported by the CRG, I must point out that PAC has raised a number of objections to both the CRG and the Shire following numerous complaints from members and the community about the methodology and misinformation disseminated from this survey. PAC wishes to state that we do not endorse this survey in any way and we object to the publishing of the unsubstantiated summary in the CRG minutes on the Shire website.

On a good note, we now have our Members Coffee Lounge up and running. It is very pleasing how many people are using this new facility. We have also added a TV and hopefully soon a new vending machine with food and soft drinks. If you haven’t already tried the Coffee Lounge drop in and see what you think?

On April 14 we are scheduled to run our STOL competition, however this year we are going to open this up to all clubs that may wish to compete. As you know we have been running this as part of our competition series for decades, which is always well patronized by members, and we see this a great opportunity to develop this competition further and invite all to come along. We will be looking for volunteers to help out on the day so watch out for more details in our weekly Tyabb Flyer.

Lastly I need to thank everyone for his or her participation in the Toy Run on the lead up to Christmas. At our last Toy Run we collected over 500 toys and it was clear we did even better than last year. Hundreds of the local community turned up with toys in hand, the CFA was again there in force as well as our local dignitaries. It was a fantastic day and together we will have made many children and families enjoy their Christmas a little more than they otherwise would have.

President Jack

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