After you have completed RPL you can then move on to Navigational Training.

Enjoy the unrestricted freedom of being able to fly anywhere in Australia. Private Pilot training expands on your training and teaches you the skills required to navigate and fly into controlled airspace such as Moorabbin and Essendon

Average Student Cost for PPL Price
25 Hours Dual Training @ $345 per hour $8625
5 Hours Solo Training @ $235 per hour $1175
Total $9,800

The training hours stated above are average only. Actual training hours are dependent on the ability of each individual to attain the required standard

Theory Requirements

You must pass a theory examination comprising of Navigation, Meterology, Flight Rules and Flight Radio. An optional in-house theory course is conducted on a regular basis. The duration of this part time course is approx 8-10 weeks

Minimum Age Requirements

Students can train at any age however they cannot obtain a licence until reaching 17 years of age.

Associated Costs for PPL Price
VFR Day Study Guide $97.00
PPL Theory Classes P.O.A
PPL Test Fee P.O.A
PPL Theory Exam Fee $118.00
CASA Processing Fee $130.00
Charts & Equipment P.O.A

**PAC reserves the right to vary prices due to unforseen circumstances

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